#1779 Business English Instructor (Part-time / ①Guro ②Sohari) Gyopo is okay!

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Job Description

  • Starting Date
  • 2013-09-16
  • Class Level
  • Univ/Adults
  • Salary (Million Won)
  • 35,000won per hour
  • Overtime (Won/Hour)
  • 0
  • Class time
  • ①Guro : Tue or Thu, 18:00PM-19:00PM ②Sohari: Mon&Wed, 16:30PM - 18:30PM
  • Teaching Hour
  • Work Schedule
  • *Business English Conversation Instructor (Adult Business English & Communication Skills)
    *Type of Class: Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)
    *Students: Adults/Business Professionals
    *Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate
    *Class size: 10 Students/Class (max)
    *Curriculum: Standardized Curriculum and Course Books (training provided)
    *Start Date: September 2nd (Mon)
    ①Guro : Tue or Thu, 18:00PM-19:00PM ②Sohari: Mon&Wed, 16:30PM - 18:30PM
    - 35,000won per hour (negotiable)
  • Students/class
  • 10(MAX)
  • Working Days
  • Mon-Fri
  • Number of Foreign Teachers
  • School Introduction

Benefits provided

  • Housing
  • Vacation (days/year)
  • Airfair
  • Severance pay
  • Health Insurance


  • Contact Us
  • Engkorea Agency
  • Manager
  • Alissa Ki
  • Landline
  • Seoul +82-2-539-0567
  • Email
  • job@engkorea.com


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