#1282 GEPIK Public schools are looking for bright young outgoing teacher. (Gyenggi-do area)

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Job Description

  • Starting Date
  • 2013-03-01
  • Class Level
  • Elementary,Middle,HS
  • Salary (Million Won)
  • 2.0~ 2.5
  • Overtime (Won/Hour)
  • 20
  • Class time
  • 50
  • Teaching Hour
  • 88
  • Work Schedule
  • Working hour : Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • Students/class
  • 20-30
  • Working Days
  • Mon-Fri
  • Number of Foreign Teachers
  • 1000+
  • School Introduction
  • Gyeonggi-do (Korean pronunciation: [kjʌŋ.ɡi.do]) is the most populous province in South Korea. The provincial capital is located at Suwon. Seoul—South Korea's largest city and national capital—is located in the heart of the province, but has been separately administered as a provincial-level special city since 1946. Incheon—South Korea's third largest city—is located on the coast of the province, but has been similarly administered as a provincial-level metropolitan city since 1981. The three administrations between them cover 11,730 km2, with a combined (census) population in 2005 of 22,766,850—amounting to over 48% of the entire population of South Korea.

Benefits provided

  • Housing
  • Single
  • Vacation (days/year)
  • 20 working days + National Holidays
  • Airfair
  • Round Trip
  • Severance pay
  • Yes
  • Health Insurance
  • 50%


  • Contact Us
  • Engkorea Agency
  • Manager
  • Grace Hong (O)
  • Landline
  • Seoul +82-2-539-0567
  • Email
  • jobhr@jobteachconsulting.com


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