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Engkorea Agency will only provide you with selective and personalized job-matches! We pride ourselves on building relationships based on honesty and trust. We promise to only recommend safe and reliable positions that match your qualifications and interests. Engkorea Agency is committed to providing you with attentive and personalized service from the beginning of the job search process to the end. We will always be there to guide you through each step of the journey to your new job... more

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William from United Kingdom in United Kingdom
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Asta(10월말) from New Zealand in New Zealand
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Alex(서울선호/한국어가능) from United States in South Korea
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Danny(일산근교/9월시작) from United States in UK
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Brian(서울/10월시작) from United States in South Korea
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Katherine(일산김포/9월초) from United States in United States